Urban Transformation / Where We Are?

Urban transformation is primarily to safeguard human life, to correct the distorted construction structure and aims to reconstruct buildings, which have completed its useable life, according to new standards.

Buildings built according to terminated earthquake safety regulationspose a risk in terms safety and are considered as risky buildings. Natural disasters that may occur in this type of buildings contains serious dangers for human life.

Yapı Merkezi Real Estate Group, uses the accumulated experience and know-how of the Yapı Merkezi in the construction industry since 1965, for the construction of safe buildings according to contemporary urbanism principles in the Urban Transformation Projects they carry out.

Yapı Merkezi Real Estate Group, with its specialist staff, builds modern, reliable and valuable buildings in the framework of the "Law for the Transformation of the Disaster Risk Areas".Yapı Merkezi Real Estate Group constructs all the buildings with the delicate standardsof the Yapı Merkezi, and operates responsibly both during the construction phase and also in the post-construction period.

Yapı Merkezi Real Estate Groupis interested in both risky areas within the Urban Renewal framework, and also individual renewal of risky buildings.

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